Props That Will Help You Slay Your Flatlays

1. Sheets

This was my very first investment and one of the most simple backgrounds to use in your flatlay. To be honest, this is still one of my favourite props to use today in my product photography. I have a bunch of different colours on hand but my favourites are white and a pale pink. These are super easy to switch up and aren’t expensive – really gives you a way to compliment your product’s branding too!

2. Fabrics

Another one of my first investments because they were easy on the ol’ bank account… I just headed to my local Spotlight and picked up all different types of materials. I personally LOVE getting silk and linen materials. They come up soooo nice in flatlays and look super luxurious.

3. Dried Flowers

There are a must for me! They aren’t too over the top and can add a nice feminine touch especially if you’re shooting beauty products. Plus the best part about these is that they never die so you can continue to reuse them and grow your collection.

4. Crystals

I love the look of crystals in my flatlays, in particular clear and rose quartz. They are a nice simple addition to your shots that won’t overcrowd your flatlay.

5. Hair Clips

These are perfect because they are small and don’t take up a lot of space. They are great for filling in white space too.

6. Jewellery

Dainty jewellery pieces are a great prop in your flatlays. They are really easy to layer and pick up nice lighting in your final shots. I prefer using gold jewellery as I find it sparkles more than silver and compliments your products nicely.

7. Fruit

I love adding fresh fruits to my flatlays especially if there is an ingredient that mentions a particular fruit. Brings out some really pretty tones in your images too.

8. Decorative Trays

These are an easy addition to your images and brings in some different levels for your flatlay. Dimension is key so trays are perfect for this and draws your audience in.

9. Trinket Dishes

As mentioned before, showing dimension is essential and these do just this! Great for holding smaller products like perfume rollers, lipsticks, essential oils, etc.

10. Crystal Glasses

These are an all time fave for me because they cast the most beautiful shadows on your flatlays and if you know me, you’ll know that I love capturing shadows in my content. You can get all different sizes and types and they will create a unique look. Grab these from your local op shop for a few dollars!

11. Books/ Magazines

Opening up to a pretty page is a nice way to add in some similar tones to your product. It gives it a nice lifestyle feel and is perfect for framing your product.

12. Mirrors

I love adding mirrors to my shots, not only do they give unique reflections but they also give your flatlay a point of difference.

13. Laptop/ Phone

Electronics are a really easy prop to add in and most people have these items so you don’t have to go out and purchase anything! You can photoshop in a website onto the laptop or the brands Instagram page onto the phone.

14. Acrylic or Timber Blocks & Discs

These add in different dimensions and levels which is essential when creating the perfect flatlay. You can use the acrylic discs for skincare or makeup smear shots and the blocks for a product pedestal.

15. Coloured Paper

Coloured paper makes for a great flatlay background. You can use a mix and create an abstract background or just use one to compliment your hero.

I hope these prop idea’s help you slay your next flatlay!

x Teneal