Call to Action Prompts for your Social Media Posts

Call to Actions are a key element you should be incorporating in your social media posts! They don’t have to always be salesy, they can be fun too.

You don’t need to include a CTA in every single post but try incorporating them in a few of your upcoming posts, and watch your engagement start to rise.

What is a CTA?

A Call to Action is a general marketing term and is designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

20 CTA examples that you can use on your socials:

  • Save this post for later.
  • Interested? Send us a DM to find out more!
  • Anyone else relate?
  • Check out the link in our bio.
  • What more could you ask for?
  • Double tap if you love it too!
  • Watch our BTS stories to find out more…
  • Try it first here.
  • I’m going to need your advice here. Any suggestions?
  • Learn more through the link in our bio.
  • Head to our blog to find out all the details!
  • Tell me about your experience?
  • Get your hands on it first, link in bio.
  • Tag a friend who will relate.
  • Add us on our Facebook so we can chat more.
  • Wanna know more? DM us!
  • I’ll be adding that to my cart, will you?
  • Grab your freebie, link in bio…
  • Get started now, message me to find out how.
  • Want to learn more? Send us an email!

Which one’s will you use in your social media posts… Looking for more tips, follow us on Instagram for daily tips and tricks!

x Teneal