The Story Behind Sweeter Social

Welcome to the Sweeter Social Blog or as we like to call it, your ‘fortnightly catch up with the gals’. I’m Teneal, the Founder and Creative Director of Sweeter Social and alongside the Sweeter Team consisting of Alana and Georgia, we bring you Sweeter Social – Social Media Marketing & Product Photography.

We know first-hand just how challenging social media and creating engaging content can be, particularly for small businesses that wear a million different hats at once. Sweeter Social was born from a passion to help small businesses reach their potential through beautifully curated content and strategies to match. With a wealth of knowledge in the social media field and a key eye for emerging trends, we bring you the Sweeter Social Blog – a platform to share everything we possibly can!

So where did Sweeter Social start and how did it become what it is now? In February 2020, I was working a corporate 9 to 5 job as a Social Media Manager for one of the largest tourism companies in Australia. At first, I was over the moon and felt I had landed the position of my dreams. Unfortunately, the feeling faded fast. The environment was toxic, the hours were long, the pressure was high and I dreaded going to work every day. After months of feeling depleted, I took the plunge and quit with no job to go to. This soon became the best decision I have ever made. Throwing myself in the deep end, switching to survival mode and taking that big deep breath I had missed led to the idea – why don’t I start freelancing?

Sweeter Social grew from a small idea, side hustle, and a couple of casual gigs; to a company that helps businesses from across the globe reach their audience through content of value. We help brands build their businesses from the ground up. Alana joined the Sweeter team at the start of 2021. She is my go to creative gal for all things content creation and design. Also a product photographer, she knows a thing or two about capturing your audience through beautifully curated content. Georgia recently joined the Sweeter team, making us a trio. Her organisation and creative writing skills make her the perfect social media scheduler and captions guru!

As our community has grown and we continue to connect with so many like-minded businesses and creatives, so has the demand for experience-based knowledge across the industry.

So, what can you expect from the Sweeter Social Blog? Think of it as your ‘go-to social media guide’ with all the latest trends, social media updates, tips and tricks to help you sweeten your socials and take your platform to the next level. The social media world is ever-changing with new updates all the time. We want to create a platform that you can rely on for the content you need to reach your audience online and effectively portray
your business.

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The Sweeter Social Team xx