Photography Props MythBusters

You have to pay a fortune for quality props – WRONG! you just need to know where to shop. 

For example, crystal-cut glass is one of the best ways to create unique lighting and reflections on your product flatlays. I have found so many beautiful antique glass pieces at second hand stores. For props like these, it is all about the lighting effect the glass gives – not the actual glass itself. 

You have to have the best props readily available all the time – WRONG! You just need to get creative and think outside the box!

Take time to look around your house – honestly, you will be surprised with the amount of interesting shaped household objects! Think kitchen tools, textures in the linen cupboard or old vases from your great aunt’s house – haha yes, we all have a few of those … For example, if you are shooting a small product like jewellery and need a crisp linen backdrop, you can use a button up shirt! No one can see outside the camera angle. 

You have to invest in props just for the sake of it – WRONG! Invest in products that are timeless and versatile. 

I’m talking about the natural travertine stone offcuts, books with a neutral-coloured spin, and quality ceramic pieces. When searching online or browsing through a store, think about other ways you can use an object. An aesthetic coffee table book can be stacked in the background or opened for a flatlay. A piece of travertine can be used as a slab or broken up into smaller organically-shaped pieces.