Programs We Can’t Live Without

As a business that offers both social media management and product photography, you can imagine our days can get pretty crazy, pretty fast with a million different things going at once! Being organised is key and the following programs help us achieve this:

Content Creation

Canva Pro

Canva is our go to platform for all things content creation, graphic design & planning a strategic and aesthetic instagram feed for our clients. The Pro version allows you to access a huge library of incredible fonts, graphics and create your own Brand Kits.  


InShot is a lifesaver when it comes to batch creating videos and reels for Instagram. The program allows you to get creative with transitions, add your own music (e.g. trending songs or phrases on Instagram) and add all your text. We love to batch create our reels a week in advance when we are feeling extra creative as they can be a lengthy process!

Content Planning & Scheduling

Sked Social

Sked Social has been one of the most valuable discoveries we have transitioned to since the start of 2021. The program allows you to do absolutely everything for social media and management from scheduling videos, recommending hashtags and the most detailed analytics you will ever see!

Sweeter Social Content Planner

Created by Sweeter Social, our completely customisable Content Planner is our go to program for organising, creating and presenting content to our brands. We use this planner on a weekly basis and it allows clients to add their feedback or changes in an efficient way!

Photo Editing

Lightroom & Photoshop

When it comes to editing your original images, Lightroom and Photoshop go hand in hand as the best pair. Lightroom allows you to play around with the basic settings such as exposure, highlights, shadows and contrast. This is sometimes more than enough for our editing process however sometimes we use Photoshop to play with the depth, hue and saturation to crispen up an image! 

Social Media Tools

Hashtags, Engagement & Analytics

You most likely already know that the instagram app comes with a range of helpful insights and analytics to help you know what’s working and not working with your content! As a business or creative account, you can view your ‘insights’ where you will see engagement levels, content performing well, follower and non-follower reach and so much more. We also use these analytics to research hashtags and follow accounts that share information about instagram insights and how to help reach more of your dream audience.



Trello is a free, simple and easy to use online program that helps you create strategic project management plans, creative workspaces and shared to do lists with your team – we love to keep the Sweeter Social team up to date via Trello!

Google Calendar

What we do without our Google Calendar! It is the easiest way to create new events, schedule appointments and share your availability with others. We love to keep the same consistent program and information on our computers and phones – this program is the best for that!

Full Focus Planner

The Full Focus Planner is the best physical diary for staying up to date and organised with our to do lists, clients and future projects. The way it is set out is like no other planner – working with you to create ongoing to-do lists, check in points and tools for creating measurable and achievable step by step goals. The planner comes in a quarterly layout, making it easy to plan for now and the near future – we love it!