Go To List Of Social Media Content Ideas 

Consistent content and showing up regularly is what we’re all about! However, we know that it can get overwhelming and time consuming … that’s where ‘batch creating’ comes in! Keep reading for our key 6 content ideas to get you through the next month, whatever business and account you have … 

  1. Goal Setting 

Share your top three goals for the week, for the month or for the year. This is the perfect way to stay accountable and open up to your audience. 

  1. Teach Your Audience

Invite your audience to learn something new about your industry. For example, this might be ‘behind the scenes’ of making a candle for a candle account or a ten min ab workout for a health account. Teaching your audience something new will help you stay relevant and remembered. 

  1. Tell Your Story

It’s story time! Tell your audience more about you and get creative with how you inform them! Our favourite way to do so is with a reel titled ‘5 facts we bet you didn’t know about us’. 

  1. Educational

Purposeful content is crucial for gaining traction online. When you start posting content of value and interest, the audience will come. Whether this is through stories or posts, get creative and produce content that matches your account aesthetic. 

  1. Social Proof

Social proof is a big one – this could be in the form of previous work, client love or sharing the success of a client after working with you. This also helps develop trust and respect from your audience as they can see the work you have done and start thinking about what you can do for them!

  1. Inspirational Post

Inspire your community! If you can successfully create a supportive platform for your audience to visit and feel inspired by, you’re already succeeding. Be yourself and show up!

So our challenge to you is to set aside an hour sometime this week to sit down and plan out your content to be purposeful, informative and make your audience feel good!