Our Go To Product Photoshoot Props If All Else Fails

Over the past two years, Sweeter Social has worked with hundreds of product-based brands to create eye-catching content through different camera techniques and a variety of props that are fun, on brand and make the image pop. After a lot of testing, we know that sometimes things just don’t go to plan (one of our biggest pet peeves being a week of non stop rainy days!!). Despite all this, we like to think we have mastered a range of efficient and effective techniques to execute our product shoots … starting with our go to props we can’t live without! 

Everyday Co Backdrops

There are so many reasons why we love backdrops but the biggest reason is the way they can transform your entire look and feel of a picture, making you feel like you’re in a set up that you’re not! For example, they have stone and tile backdrops that can be set up in your kitchen or bathroom to style cosmetic products with. 

Travertine Stone

Slabs of our favourite stone pieces are always a great way to incorporate neutral tones and textures to your shot. Whether you use a piece of stone as a riser or lying down for a flat lay, travertine slabs come in handy more often than not.

Fresh Fruit & Flowers

Incorporating fresh details to your shoot can make all the difference when it comes to creating bold, lively images that pop! We particularly love to incorporate a certain fruit or flower that a product contains. For example, if you’re shooting a lime and coconut candle, incorporate cut pieces of juicy lime and coconut shavings. Same goes for flowers!

Pieces Of Material

Linen, silk, cotton or boucle – an offcut of quality material is undoubtedly one of the best ways to add texture and interest to your shots. Top tip: when you’re gently laying down a piece of fabric for the shot, allow the fabric to naturally fold and fall the way it wants to. This will achieve a super organic and ‘effortless’ look! Fabric pairs perfectly with jewellery shots. 


Open or closed, books can be an appropriate prop for shooting lifestyle shots. These are also pieces you can use over and over again in different ways. Top tip: make sure to select books that have an aesthetic hard cover in the colours you typically use for your style of shoots. 

Acrylic Tray 

Think water, splash and ripple effects without the mess! A deep acrylic tray is always on standby for our shoots as they help create bold scenes that stand out to the viewer. We love to use them for jewellery and skin care shoots the most.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on what props you need when starting out in product photography, head to our instagram where you will find a huge range of portfolio work! x