Hacks For Building Engagement On Instagram

As a social media agency, we know all too well how instagram LOVES to change their algorithm, making us guess and experiment with new ways to gain reach or increase engagement. If we pair it back to the basics of what makes an instagram post succeed, it always comes back to what you are posting and how that post comes across to your audience. As well as asking yourself the questions of ‘Is this content engaging?’ or ‘Is this informing or entertaining my audience?’, there are a variety of ways you can hook your audience in … here’s how!

9 FREE Social Media HOOKS To Engage Your Audience:

  1. “Let’s chat about …”
  2. “Double tap if you …”
  3. “Say hello to …”
  4. “Tell me if you …”
  5. “Want to learn how to …”
  6. “Save this post for later if …”
  7. “Tag someone if …”
  8. “Meet our all new …”
  9. “Would you rather …”

Teaching your audience about something starting with ‘want to learn’ or ‘let’s chat about’ helps target and capture their attention immediately. Lastly, asking a question such as ‘would you rather’ invites your audience to get involved – trust us, this one is always a winner!

If you haven’t already picked up from reading all of the above, these opening statements encourage your audience to interact with your post and you! Asking them to do something like ‘double tap’ or ‘tag someone’ will help build interaction and in turn, traction to your post. 

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