Method To The Madness: Product Photoshoots

A question that we get so often on instagram whether that be through post comments or private dm’s is the behind the scenes details of a product photoshoot – let’break down some of our key steps … 

  1. The Two P’s … Prep & Plan

Preparing for a shoot is absolutely crucial to how successful the shoot day pans out. First things first, research your client! Whether the client is a skincare business, homewares, jewellery etc. knowing about their brand, their style, their values and of course their brief is a no brainer. This process starts when you first chat about the potential job and ideas up until the days before when sourcing props or planning each shot. Check out their instagram and website to establish a key understanding for their vibe – whether that’s light and bright, coastal, dark and moody etc. This will then determine what you need for the shoot from backdrops to props and lighting situations. 

  1. The Life Saver (A.K.A Photography Shot List)

Whether you are strict with exactly what shots you need to get (often determined by the client) or are just after a rough guide to get you started and keep you on track, a shot list is a super handy organisational tool to work with. We recently created an exclusive Sweeter Social Photography Shot List with our favourites over at Padtastic which you can purchase here. This allows you to prep each shot from backdrops to props and photography equipment such as lighting. When it comes to shoot day, sometimes your ideas or timeline can get a little overwhelming so having a solid plan such as a shot list is an absolute life saver for us. 

  1. Ready, Steady, Shoot! 

Just get in there, get started and have a go! We are all about feeling the shot and sometimes that can take a couple of attempts. Try different angles, picture orientation, props and lighting. At the end of the day, the most important factor to get right is that you display the client’s product in the best possible light. 

  1. Let’s Get Editing

Let us tell you that editing and discovering your ideal editing techniques and style takes time. We could not live without Lightroom and Photoshop, two essential editing tools that get us the ‘light, bright, peachy’ look that you see with so many of our shots. Top tip: make sure you match your editing to the client brief and their unique existing style. 

  1. Delivery Time

Our favourite moment! The photography handover – when your client gets to see the beautiful work you have created. This can be done through a range of presentation formats such as a shared Dropbox folder or our favourite – Pixiset! Pixiset is a website that allows you to display your images in a beautiful presentation format, giving your images the platform they deserve. It also adds to your professionalism. 

At the end of the day, the most important takeaway is that practice makes perfect. Developing your unique style of styling, shooting and editing takes time but the more you do it, the easier and more successful it becomes. 

Sweeter Social Team xx