Instagram Tools Your Small Business Needs

The power social media has to take your business to the next level (and beyond) is a no brainer. The best part? It’s free and accessible to anyone with a smart phone – making it the go-to resource for all small business owners! 

As social media managers, we have to always ensure we’re on top and ahead of social media trends to ensure our clients are getting the best possible outcomes for their platform – engagement, reach and target audience! 

Let’s take a walk through the top Instagram tools for business:

  1. Instagram Shop

If you’re an e-commerce brand … listen in! This has to be one of the most valuable features on instagram to build your audience and sales. Instagram shop is the easiest way for your audience to be mindlessly scrolling on instagram, see something they like and tap to shop! It encourages them to click on the image to see further details about the product. The key to success is to make everything as easy and user friendly as possible for your customers. 

  1. Direct Message

This one can be a tricky one to navigate as there is a fine line between maintaining a work/life balance and using insta-dm’s to your advantage. Customers love being able to chat directly with a business whether that’s regarding product details, giving a review, asking about shipping and more. Nowadays, it is so easy and accessible for people to quickly message a brand on instagram for a more direct and instant reply. But this may come with a price being your inability to switch off – find that line and set boundaries in place for yourself. Just remember, you can’t do it all! 

  1. Reels

We may be sounding like a broken down record at this stage but the power of reels is almost infinite! Reels have the potential to ‘blow up’ and reach an audience further than you could ever imagine. The key here is to stick at it. We all know that the algorithm can be weird! But if you stay consistent and produce quality, engaging and educational content that your audience wants and needs to see – you will be rewarded. 

  1. Instagram Guides

This one is an interesting one. Instagram guides have been around for a while now but come and go in popularity. We personally LOVE guides for allowing you to filter through information and find what you’re looking for faster. For example, an online clothing store may create a guide for fashion accessories and instead of going through their entire feed looking for accessories, you can filter your search here. Especially as your instagram grows and you are posting frequently, your feed may get rather long and overwhelming. Head to our instagram @sweetersocial for a look into how we have categorized our guides in the past and see how you can tailor it to suit your online business!

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