How To Navigate The Feeling Of Overwhelm

In the current world where hustle culture has been idolized and our phones never stop beeping, the feeling of overwhelm is real. Although all the effects haven’t surfaced just yet, the past two years living through a pandemic have seen a huge impact on our health and how we react and cope with certain situations. 

With the easy access of mobile phones, some days can feel like the phone won’t stop buzzing and we can’t catch a break – but how can we navigate this? In the social media business, we can only speak from experience and what has worked/hasn’t worked for us. Here’s what we have to say: 

  • Accept that these feelings come and go

The first step is to always accept that it is totally fine to feel the way you feel. We are human and our emotions come in waves. This feeling will pass.

  • Be present, with your breathing

Breathe in … breathe out … Find a quiet spot (or if that’s not possible, put your earphones in and close your eyes). Focus on your breath and nothing else.

  • Take breaks from your screen

When you plan out your day, use time blocking to allocate some time without social media throughout the day. Whether that’s 15 mins or an hour, anything is a great start! You’ll actually be surprised with just how much more productive and focused you’ll be without the constant buzzing! 

  • Consuming a healthy, balanced diet

Did you know our diets play a huge role in our emotions and consequently how we react to certain situations? Same goes for our minds. Without a healthy balanced diet with proteins, iron, fiber etc. our brains don’t function to their full focus capacity. 

Essentially our feelings of overwhelm come from within and if we start to implement a combination of these strategies or what works for you personally, we can work towards overcoming these feelings, being present and ultimately better versions of ourselves! 

Sweeter Social xx