Why You Need To Stop Feeling Guilty

All small business owners will know – there is never a moment where you are on top of absolutely everything. Whether it’s sending out an invoice, replying to a new client, or organising your filing system… the to-do list never stops. However, we often feel guilty about things that aren’t even worth feeling guilty for. This in turn, can lead to unnecessary stress and burn out. 

Here’s 3 things you need to stop feeling guilty about:

  1. Taking time away from your business 

Who hasn’t seen that meme, ‘I left my 9-5 to now work 24/7’!? Especially when starting out in business, unfortunately this can very much be the case as you’re trying to build, develop and grow your business. It doesn’t have to be that way – you are your own boss. Here is the reminder you need to take yourself out for a mid-week lunch. Prioritise the self care that you need to avoid feelings of overwhelm and fatigue. More often than not, this actually works in a positive way by giving you more energy, creativity and motivation!

  1. For Turning a Client Away

Remember this – not every single enquiry is going to align with you. When beginning in business, we understand that all inquiries are exciting and it’s tempting to make them work even if they aren’t the right fit. Trust the process, trust that better opportunities are coming, and align yourself with the work you want to be known for. You call the shots, not the client.

  1. Working different to 9-5 hours

For a few years now, we have seen the idolisation of ‘hustle-culture’ – working ridiculously long hours, never taking a break, and burning ourselves out. Thankfully since the pandemic (and work flexibility), this trend has started to shift and people are realising that hustle culture is unhealthy and outdated. Remember that building a small business where you’re the boss means that you can work a schedule that suits you and your balanced lifestyle. 

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