Top Tips For Repurposing Your Content

In social media, there is nothing worse than spending a long time curating an instagram post (graphics, caption, hashtags etc.) only for it to not reach the audience you had hoped for. Learning how to repurpose your content is a game changer in the social media game. It saves you time and rewards you for the hard work you put into the content! Here’s six ways you can repurpose:

  1. Reels 

Get creative and turn your post into video reel format. The best way to ensure your video gets better reach is to use trending music (with the arrow pointing up), simple but engaging transitions and high quality imagery (iPhone quality is best!)

  1. Emails

Emails can be an effective way to reach a totally different audience. It is also a good way to engage people and capture their attention. If you think about scrolling on instagram versus clicking into an email, there is a very distinct difference in how much energy and attention you give either action. You can also add a lot more information to an email using a platform such as Flo Desk. 

  1. Blogs

One of the best things you can do for building your website traffic and loyalty across your following is to set up a blog page to share more knowledge about the field you’re an expert in! Whether you own a pilates studio, cafe, social media business, you name it – starting a blog page is a great way to educate your audience more. Top tip: this will also help boost your SEO to – a win/win!

  1. TikTok

It will come as no surprise that TikTok is the world’s fastest growing social media platform and in order to reach large audiences, it’s best to start playing around with the app! Get creative and turn a successful post into video format to reach new audiences on a different platform. There are so many creative and impactful ways to present content through the app with fun songs, trends and transitions. 

  1. Instagram Guide

One of the best things you can do on Instagram is ensure you’re using the app to the best of your ability – which includes creating an in-depth guide with more educational and saveable content. This ensures that your content doesn’t get lost in all the other content and enables you to categorise. Check out our Instagram guides for some ideas. 

  1. Pinterest Pin

Pinterest is also quickly becoming a popular space for content creation and brands to educate their audience. Pinterst also enables you to target a different space. It is very reliant on aesthetic designs so ensure your creatives are eye-catching and engaging. 

First thing is first – head to your Instagram account, tap on your insights page and review your best performing posts. This is the best place to start for choosing what your audience engaged with most and what content is best for repurposing. 

Sweeter Social xx