Our Top Secrets to Killing the Insta-Game

The rise of the side hustle is very much the trend in 2022 and as you can probably tell, we’re absolutely all for it. Did you know that Sweeter Social originally started as our side hustle before it became full time? As the name suggests however, a side hustle is often the ‘side’ priority, or the ‘side’ thought. 

If you’re always scrambling to think of last minute post ideas… This secret is for you. 


In order to show up and take your Instagram seriously, you need to be posting with a purpose and having a content strategy in place. 

Here’s some things you should be aware of before honing in on your strategy: 

  1. Know Your Audience

Ask yourself these questions – who are you targeting content towards? Who would be interested in what you have to say? What kind of audience are you passionate about? Work backwards from there. 

  1. Ensure your product or service is talking to your audiences and their pain points

Really do your research before getting started and ensure that your page and your Instagram strategy solve a genuine need – that’s always the recipe for success! 

  1. Niche it down 

Finding your niche helps with originality and ensuring you’re really talking to your audience. People will want to follow you for your content! 

  1. Develop a content strategy and use your content pillars 

Planning is the key for batch creating content with purpose. Know your who, what, when, where when forming your strategy and ensure you’re following a content pillar strategy so that all your content hits a different purpose, pain point or interest!

Now that you’ve ticked that off your list you can batch create your content in advance so the content you’re putting out is actually being seen and is talking to your target market. 

Follow the batch creating process I have created above and work this into your bi-weekly or monthly schedule. This can be used for reels too 🤩

Trust me when I say this, it will SAVE you so much TIME!!!