A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager

The beauty of a ‘day in the life of a social media manager’ is that it changes every single day! Although sometimes that can mean never-ending emails, content amends and planning for the weeks ahead; it also means we’re ever-learning and avoid getting stuck in a rut. 

To take you behind the scenes of a social media manager, here’s some of the tasks we experience on an everyday basis: 

Replying to dm’s 

Whether you take care of your client’s socials or consistently post on your own account, keeping up to date with comments, dm’s and regular posting is important. We like to time block this out a couple of times a day to ensure it doesn’t become a never-ending task and all-consuming. 

Batch creating content

Organisation is key for SMM’s as we’re always planning the next post, month worth of posts or content for our clients. Batch creating is the key to keeping on top of your work levels and ensuring all your content consistently goes together. 


A big one for us! This isn’t just about writing what comes to your head. It’s about carefully articulating your words, utilizing call to actions and opening hook statements. It’s about researching what you’re talking about, knowing your facts and ensuring your content is on brand and on topic. 

Researching Hashtags

In order to keep up to date and ensure your content is reaching the right audience, hashtags have a part to play. Keep your hashtags niche and specific to what you’re talking and posting about. The limit is 30 but its always best to have quality over quantity. Tip: you can even look at your analytics from previous posts to see what hashtags worked best for reach and engagement. 

Keeping up to date with social media trends

If you know the social media scene well, you’ll know that it is an ever-changing environment with regular updates and changes you need to stay on top of. For example, Instagram frequently announces updates to their services such as the other week with the new ‘pinning your top posts’ feature. To make sure you’re giving your clients the very best service, you need to ensure you’re all over the updates and can tailor your services to best utilise the latest features. 


Scheduling is a big part of our week as we plan our client’s content to be strategically uploaded at a time that works for their audiences. Typically the first thing in the morning or later in the evening works best for our clients but it really is up to the brand and who they want to reach. Do you research and time block some time to schedule – batch creating and scheduling is always best!