Advice I Wish I Got When Starting A Business

To put it bluntly, starting a small business can be hard. It’s also one of those things that absolutely no one can entirely prepare you for. Particularly in the beginning, you’re your own boss, your own hype girl, your own marketer, accountant, receptionist, and mega mind behind all the bold and wonderful ideas. 

If there is four pieces of advice I could go back and tell myself when starting Sweeter Social, this would be them: 


Create strong working habits from the initial stages. We’re talking start times, end times, lunch breaks and time off! Remember you’re only human and can only take on so much. Ensure you create healthy foundations from the start. In turn, this will actually only benefit you in the long run as you have more energy, motivation and focus. 


Get your finances and accounts in check from day dot. Hiring an account is one of the best things you can do for your small business. They help take care of tax, super and everything in between to ensure you’re set up as a viable business that has longevity. We know finances can be a scary thing but future you will seriously thank you for it!


Learning when it’s time to outsource will save you time, money and burn out! People are experts for a reason and are there to help. Whether that’s getting an assistant on part time or outsourcing one aspect of your business (e.g. your finances), it will leave you more time to focus on what lights you up! 

Make Mistakes

This is a hard pill to swallow but we all make mistakes and it’s the way we improve and get better! Don’t tear yourself apart for it. Growth comes from this and is what usually leads us to amazing ideas or opportunities – when one door closes, another opens! 

Teneal xx