Productivity Tips 101

If you’re a small business owner who finds themselves wearing all the hats, productivity tips and tricks should always be a benefit to you! From our own experience of running a business for over two years, it’s safe to say we’ve tried and tested a whole heap of strategies – here’s some of our go to’s:

Time Blocking

Time blocking is key to keeping your mind on track and sticking to a routine. Spending too long on a difficult task can lead to burnout and fatigue. If you set yourself clear timelines for the day, you’re more likely to get s**t done. Top tip: try time blocking 15 minute periods throughout the day to spend time on the tasks you really dread doing. 15 minutes might be all you need to kickstart a motivation you didn’t know you had.

Moving Your Workspace 

If lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that we need to break up our workspaces and move around throughout the day. Particularly if you’re running a small business from home, it can be difficult to set boundaries of what is what and what isn’t. Take your things down to your favourite cafe or plan a trip to the library. Switching to different environments can really help your mindset stay on track and set clear work boundaries.


Planning is key to setting yourself up for a productive day, week and year! Don’t just write a never ending to do list. Break it down into priorities, time and consistent breaks throughout. Trust us when we say spending 15-30 minutes in the morning dedicated to your day planning will save you so much time throughout the day.

Filling Your Cup

Filling your cup is one of the most important external factors in allowing your mind to stay focused, productive and on task when it comes to work. For example, if you’re the type of person who loves to go for a sunrise walk before work or finish the day with a pilates session – don’t let yourself stop doing those things in order to get more work done.