Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Business Bestie Planner

If you’re a long time follower of Sweeter Social, you’ll know just how much we love a good planner for setting our business up for success – that’s why we collaborated with Padtastic to create the Business Bestie Planner!

Over the past (almost) year, we’ve been busy designing and developing the ultimate planner for small business owners, side hustlers and dreamers. Running a business is hard enough, let alone throwing in trying to achieve your goals, tick off your to do’s everyday, make time for self care, tracking your socials… the list really does go on.

Our top tip to getting ahead… is getting started!

Let’s take a walkthrough each section of the Business Bestie Planner: 

Business & Goals. 

This section is all about mapping out your business goals and making them happen. We’ve added in a collection of financial trackers for income/sales, expenses, savings and more. Although many of us creatives can find finances boring or maybe even boring, this section will keep you on track for financial success!

Social Media. 

Anyone who uses social media for their business will know just how time consuming and often difficult it can be to plan your content, consistently show up on socials, and get the results you deserve. The Social Media section of the planner includes a space for content pillar planning, reels planning, story planning and checklists. It will help you set up healthy routines and habits with your social media activity. 


From project planning and tracking, to influencer management; the Marketing section of our planner will help you plan our projects and create a realistic plan to execute your strategies and campaigns. Top tip: this section is perfect for those looking to launch a new product or service!

Brain Dump. 

This section is exactly what it sounds like – brain dumps. Whether ideas come to you in bed at 3pm or when you’re doing the groceries, this section is perfect for those wanting to scribble down rough ideas and come back to them at a later date. 

Self Care. 

Our absolute favourite part of the planner – the Self Care section. From documenting your wins, scheduling in more ‘me time’; this section is to help us slow down, enjoy the wins, enjoy the moment and recharge our creativity! In order to be our best selves, we have to ensure our cup is full. There’s even a gratitude journal section which we’re hearing great feedback about!

Available in three unique colourways and with a range of other desk essentials, the Business Best Planner is available now on the Padtastic Website – shop now! x