Essentials for a Job in Social Media

After many years and experience in the social media world, we know a thing or two about the best programs, desk essentials and products that can make your life so much easier! Social media work often requires a lot of organisation, planning, to do lists and efficient work practices to ensure you’re keeping on top of client work. When it comes to running Sweeter Social, here’s our top desk essentials we couldn’t recommend more for your life! 

Business Bestie Planner

When it comes to running a business or side hustle, we know just how hard it can be! From finances to socials, wearing all the hats can feel overwhelming. Our Business Bestie Planner has thought of everything to keep you organised and looking towards the future of your business with goals and actionable steps to get there. Shop here.

Instagram Reels Planner 

Reels can be a super time consuming task but as social media managers, we know just how important they are for Instagram engagement and exposure! Our Instagram Reels Planner helps you plan and execute reels to help your business grow. From your shot list to music options and captions, this will help you plan it all. Shop here.

Bestie Productivity Planner

Productivity is key to getting it all done while also not burning yourself out! Our Productivity Planner is all about balance. It has plenty of space to jot down your tasks for the day, the week and also to factor in time for very important self-care time which we love. Shop here.

Social Media To Do List

Who doesn’t love a good do-to list! This beauty also has an added bonus for our SMMs – a social media checklist to keep you organised and on track every day of the week. Shop here.

Content Pillar Planner

Content pillars are crucial to keeping your content on socials relevant, educational and intentional. This planner helps you put all you wild ideas down on paper and catageorise them accordingly. At Sweeter Social, this is one of our most useful planners! Shop here.

You can find all these essentials on the Padtastic x Sweeter Social webpage here.